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We help build capacity with Indigenous communities and organizations, and assist on issues of access, communication, and awareness for other organizations.  


Our client communities are First Nation, Metis, Inuit, and non-status. This product was developed for the specific needs of the Metis Settlements Strategic Training Iniative (MSSTI).  


Four Winds client communities will exercise their inherent rights and powers to the betterment of their Member citizens. 

Build community capacity.
  • Organize programs and services.

  • Match client needs to future growth.

  • Guide workforce development under your ISETS agreement.

  • Integrate case file management for your housing, training, economic development, social development, health, and justice programming, and more.

  • Build your business case for economic development. 

Blue Hummingbird
Pile of Logs
Easy to Start, Easy to Use. 

This is a "Software as a Service" monthly subscription where you control the data and the interface. Custom data collection "in a box" with support and training, AWETZA requires no hardware and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection to share client files, documents, and planning.  Check out our pricing plans here  

Client files are secure.  

SQL instances on Digital Ocean are encrypted and secure. 

It's about people. 

The community needs control of its data to assert sovereignty. The basic knowledge of who we are empowers us. 

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