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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I upload to ISET?

- Refer to link to instruction

How do I add an event on the calendar?

How do create a follow up?

How do I generate report?

  • Currently don’t have any.

What reports do are there?

  • Charts available from dashboard…..

How do I upload documents?

  • 1 for member profile image

  • Other section is for general documents

How do I add users?

How do add a member?

How to change password?

How do I import data?

  • We do not have this functionality at this time.

How do I export data?

  • Contact support

  • Dependent on what data you are trying to export.

  • To export member data – go to members – print.

How do I export a chart for reporting purposes?

  • On some charts there is a icon to create png

  • Snipping tool for windows

  • For screenshot

How to search for various results?



What are components?



What is the purpose of the calendar?

The Information Age is where data has become increasingly more powerful and necessary in our daily lives. The importance of effectively capturing, analyzing and reporting on community data and projects is intensifying. Communities and organizations are relying on data more to inform leadership and their decision making. 

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