Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload to ISET?

- Refer to link to instruction

How do I add an event on the calendar?

How do create a follow up?

How do I generate report?

  • Currently don’t have any.

What reports do are there?

  • Charts available from dashboard…..

How do I upload documents?

  • 1 for member profile image

  • Other section is for general documents

How do I add users?

How do add a member?

How to change password?

How do I import data?

  • We do not have this functionality at this time.

How do I export data?

  • Contact support

  • Dependent on what data you are trying to export.

  • To export member data – go to members – print.

How do I export a chart for reporting purposes?

  • On some charts there is a icon to create png

  • Snipping tool for windows

  • For screenshot

How to search for various results?



What are components?



What is the purpose of the calendar?

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